I’m Halfway Through ‘The Minimalism Game’ and I’m Worried

I have to do this for 30 days?

Photo by Radu Marcusu on Unsplash

Yeah…nobody else was quite as thrilled with the idea as I was.

I first heard about The Minimalism Game through The Minimalists podcast. I listened to the podcast on and off for over a year before I considered doing The Minimalism Game. I’ve never had any desire to be an actual minimalist– I am a nester by nature, and I like to have my stuff around me.

When you don’t move for 17 years, things have a way of piling up, because you don’t get the same This Is Your Life experience that you do when you move.

I was more willing to release items on a regular basis and not wait for a big decluttering effort or a purge. I regularly did things like debating whether or not I liked a sweater, wearing it for a day to find out, and then telling it, “Thank you,” and adding it to the pile of items I would be releasing back into the world to spark joy in someone else’s life.

…I realized my post-KonMari home weight loss had rebounded into a serious gain.

I have raised (and am continuing to raise) four children in this 2,000-square-foot home, and I work from home. The business of life carries on, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year (yes, even during a pandemic) and things just…accumulate. Like snow piling up on your back deck in the dark, while you’re inside your cozy home having dinner and helping kids with homework and doing the dishes. It just all piles up without you even noticing it, until you go to let the dog out before bed and BAM. There’s a foot of snow and now you have to go find a shovel.

…the house feels a bit like a button-up shirt that’s gotten just a tad too tight

In December I had a few let-the-dog-out moments and I realized my post-KonMari home weight loss had rebounded into a serious gain. Maybe it was helping my friend with cancer clean her home one day, or maybe it was the family weekend getaway to the delightfully spartan-like state park cabin, but I realized my home needed to lose some weight. Big time.

Musings on motherhood, writing, life, and relationships– and the struggle to stay sane through it all.

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